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Personal Pies 

Specialty pizza's made daily call to see what is new today . .


Specialty Sandwiches

The Babydoll 

Ham, American Cheese, Mayo, Roasted Peppers, Salt and Pepper

The Balboa 

Fried Meatballs, Our Fresh Mozzarella and a touch of Fresh Pesto

The Capo 

Capicola, Salami, Provolone, Olive Oil, sprinkle of Hot Pepper

The Cashman 

Eggplant, Our Fresh Mozzarella , Roasted Peppers & Balsamic Vinegar

The Fuhgeddaboutit  

Prosciutto, Soppressata, Our Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Oil & Roasted Peppers with Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Jake Reno 

Turkey, Lacey Swiss, Lettuce, Mustard and Black Pepper

The Marilynn Monroe 

Pepperoni, Hot Capicola, Provolone, sliced Hot Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Sinatra 

Chicken Cutlet, Fresh Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomatoes and a sprig of fresh Basil. Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

The Vito 

Anything you desire topped with “Giambotta”

The Yeah Buddy 

Roast Beef, Swiss, Cole Saw, Russian Dressing

Old Italian Favorites Sandwiches

Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana 


Eggplant Parmigiana  


Meat Ball Parmigiana 


Italian Egg Rolls

Broccoli Rabe  

Weekly Special

Sausage & Peppers Egg  

Weekly Special

Steak and Cheese 

Weekly Special


Weekly Special

From Our Stove to Yours

Breaded Chicken cutles or Eggplant 

Brocoli Rabe  

A store favorite. Delicious alone or on top of our scrumptious bread

Chicken Frank 

A little spicy and sweet

Homemade Potatoe Salad 

This salad is wonderful , and homemade like grandma used to make just a hint of hard boiled egg.


Rice Balls 

Sausage Peppers and Potatoes 

Sautéed Broccoli, Zucchini, Asparagus  

Sicilian Meatballs 

With Pignoli Nuts and Raisins or Plain. Both taste like a slice of Italy

Stuffed Artichokes 

Stuffed Peppers 

Tortellini Salad with Feta Cheese 

Our Open Wide Hero

American Style 

Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss, American Cheese, Bologna - topped with Lettuce, Tomatoes and our homemade Vinaigrette Dressing

Italian Style 

Prosciutto, Salami, Soppressata, Mortadella, Provolone, Capicola topped with Roasted Peppers. Add $6.00 per foot

Pastosa Ravioli

Basil Pesto 

Brocoli Rabe  

Butternut Squash Ravioli 





Pumpkin Ravioli 


Round Cheese Ravioli 

Square Cheese Ravioli 

SunDried Tomato Ravioli 

Wheat Vege Ravioli 


Customize your own Spring Salad Mix  

Add your favorites , Mozzarella , Pepperoni , Turkey, Chicken , Roasted Peppers , Feta Cheese Chickpeas , ETC.

Tuscany by the Sea House Salad 

Spring Mix , Ham , Salami, Provolone, Roasted Peppers ,Tomatoes olives Red Onion ,Balsamic Glaze Dressing Croutons


Asiago Bread 


Delicious bread trays are available


Ciabatta Rolls  

Meat Bread 

Olive Bread 

Twist Bread 


Artichoke Chicken 

Artichoke Poppers  

Broccoli Rabe  

Filet of Sole Oreganata 

Giambotta on Toast  

Grilled Vegetables tossed with Tuscan spices 

Orecchiettte with Sausage and Broccoli 

Steak Pizzaiolo